Thursday, April 9, 2009

challenge ended.. right?

hey folks. just got back from mexico yesterday..

so the 12 week challenge that i screwed up so horribly is over now. i am not going to cry about it, people make mistakes.

how did you all do? i know andrea kicked all our butts. and my mom gave me a big run for my money.

i ate like 8 thousand carbs in mexico.

not going to cry about it, just going to get back on track.

i had my oatmeal and protein powder this morning and i am chugging water like i am the hoover dam.

it is nice to be back on track..

i am sick again, however. blech. i am going to an ear nose throat specialist tomorrow.. see why the crap i keep getting horribly sick.

on a side note, it has come to my attention that keeping up with two blogs does not fit into my life. so, i am stopping posting here and i am going to keep my other blog:

i will post crap about my life there, since that is what it has been used for up until now, but i will also incorporate all my body for life, eating, recipes, all that junk on there too.

lurk away over there if you would like.. if not, that is cool too.

thanks for reading the ramblings i did have on here, sorry i ended up letting life get in the way.

i hope you liked some of the stuff i had to say!

anyway, that is all for now, hope to see you commenting over on my other blog sometime.

just keep taking care of your body, it is the only one you've got.

xo janetha.

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