Sunday, March 8, 2009

accountability: sunday 3/8/09

hey everyone, hope you had a good weekend.

first, to answer andrea's question about the laughiing cow light wedge cheese. YES they taste like you are cheating and YES they are ok to eat! i would limit myself to only one wedge a day, and andrea you are right, you would need to include a protein with the cheese and cracker combo. try some grilled chicken diced up or some thinly sliced turkey. my favorite way to enjoy the laughing cow liht cheese is in my scrambled eggs.. delicious. i also like pairing a wedge with sliced red peppers.

the stats for one wedge is 35 calories, 2g fat, 1g carb, and 3g protein. so.. basically they do not add too much of anything to your daily count, but make sure to limit yourself to just one a day. the nice thing is one wedge goes a long way.

onto today's accountability. i did not do so hot today, but i also wouldnt consider it bad. i only ate a few times and so that is why i don't think it was great, and i also cheated with some popcorn.

m1. 12 noon protein pancakes, coffee

m2. 4 pm egg beaters, spinach, mushroom & avocado omelette, diced potatoes, coffee (this was @ blue plate diner w/ marshall), lots of water

cheat: popcorn @ movie (no butter), lots of water

m3. 1/2 cup high fiber protein cereal, muscle millk light

the end. and nope i didnt work out. moving onto monday!

i wanted to type up some goals i have this week...

*get all 6 workouts in (only ot 5 in last week)
*drink 1 gallon of water every day--even free day!
*absolutely positively NO BLT's. none no nada nil.
*1000 reps of ab work in any type of variation throughout the week
*eat more veggies

and how have i prepared myself to accomplish these goals?

*gym clothes already packed for tomorrow
*50 oz bottle of water sitting bedside for when i wake up
*got rid of all the treats sitting around my house
*fixed a huge bowl of salad with lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and red peppers ready to go in my fridge

hopefully i will be able to hit these goals! what are your goals this week?

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