Friday, March 27, 2009

breakfast burrito.

sorry i have been MIA. i am going to mexico next week, i have been super busy in the meantime, i can say sorry over and over but really.. what can i do?

i COULD give you a recipe for a delish breakfast burrito!


  • 1 whole egg + 2 egg whites
  • 3 oz turkey burger~sausage style (see below)
  • 1 wedge laughing cow light cheese
  • 2 TB red pepper hummus
  • 1 low carb high fiber tortilla--two brands i use are Don Pancho or La Tortilla Factory. they are both found in the refrigerated section by the pepperoni, not out with the other tortillas.


first, make your turkey burger. i made a LB of this stuff the other day and LOVE it.

spray a skillet with non stick cooking spray, put 1 lb ground turkey in there, mash it all up. add a whole bunch of fresh ground pepper, 2 TB of fennel seed (this is what makes it taste sausage-y), 1 TB garlic powder, 1 TB onion powder, a few shakes of basil, oregano and whatever other seasonings you have in you cupboard :) also add a few pinches of salt. cook it until it is done! viola, yummy seasoned meat for 5 meals.

ok THEN..

put eggs and egg whites in a microwave safe bowl, beat them up really nice, then add the cooked turkey burger. microwave on high for a minute and a half, stir, and microwave for another minute and a half.

heat up your tortilla for 15 seconds so it is warm, then spread on the hummus and laughing cow light cheese. add the egg/burger mixture.

roll it up and eat it!


Monday, March 9, 2009

what does 200 calories look like???

my fabulous sister marisa shared this website with me and i wanted to post it here for all of you to check out. it really puts things into perspective.

click here to see how much of what food adds up to 200 calories. be prepared for an eye opener.

oh and make sure you click on the photos to see them full view, it puts everything on the same size plate to really put it into perspective!

thanks ree!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

accountability: sunday 3/8/09

hey everyone, hope you had a good weekend.

first, to answer andrea's question about the laughiing cow light wedge cheese. YES they taste like you are cheating and YES they are ok to eat! i would limit myself to only one wedge a day, and andrea you are right, you would need to include a protein with the cheese and cracker combo. try some grilled chicken diced up or some thinly sliced turkey. my favorite way to enjoy the laughing cow liht cheese is in my scrambled eggs.. delicious. i also like pairing a wedge with sliced red peppers.

the stats for one wedge is 35 calories, 2g fat, 1g carb, and 3g protein. so.. basically they do not add too much of anything to your daily count, but make sure to limit yourself to just one a day. the nice thing is one wedge goes a long way.

onto today's accountability. i did not do so hot today, but i also wouldnt consider it bad. i only ate a few times and so that is why i don't think it was great, and i also cheated with some popcorn.

m1. 12 noon protein pancakes, coffee

m2. 4 pm egg beaters, spinach, mushroom & avocado omelette, diced potatoes, coffee (this was @ blue plate diner w/ marshall), lots of water

cheat: popcorn @ movie (no butter), lots of water

m3. 1/2 cup high fiber protein cereal, muscle millk light

the end. and nope i didnt work out. moving onto monday!

i wanted to type up some goals i have this week...

*get all 6 workouts in (only ot 5 in last week)
*drink 1 gallon of water every day--even free day!
*absolutely positively NO BLT's. none no nada nil.
*1000 reps of ab work in any type of variation throughout the week
*eat more veggies

and how have i prepared myself to accomplish these goals?

*gym clothes already packed for tomorrow
*50 oz bottle of water sitting bedside for when i wake up
*got rid of all the treats sitting around my house
*fixed a huge bowl of salad with lettuce, spinach, cucumbers and red peppers ready to go in my fridge

hopefully i will be able to hit these goals! what are your goals this week?

accountability: saturday 3/7/09 free day

i didn't eat anything until 5:30pm. it was a cafe rio salad with half the amount of beans and rice they usually put, no tortilla strips

then i shared a tres leches w/ marshall.

had some ice cream.

later on before bed i had a bowl of honey bunches of oats and a bowl of crispix. it was national cereal day, i had to celebrate!

accountability: friday 3/6/09

let's see if i can remember.

m1. protein oatmeal

m2. fajita grilled chicken, low fat mozzarella, salsa, 1/4 of an avocado, low carb/high fiber tortilla

m3. mini cheesecake. oops!

HIIT 20 min on treadmill it kicked my butt, probably because i was having a sugar crash from eating that stupid cheesecake.

m4. shrimp, string cheese, bowl of high fiber protein cereal

m5. same as m2!

almost a gallon of water, and i had some almonds late at night.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

accountability: thursday 3/5/09

erm. ok so i made a tiny mistake today.

m1. 1 egg, 1 egg white, 1/3 cup soy meat crumbles, handful of spinach, 1 wedge laughing cow light cheese. allll scrambled and super good! and 3/4 cup trader joe's cereal with soy milk.

m2. 3 turkey meatballs w/ 1 cup v8 tomato soup. 1 string cheese.

m3. wasa crackers & cottage cheese.

UBWO: cable bicep curls, hammer curls, overhead tricep extension, skull crushers, db chest press, db flyes, db overhead shoulder press, db lat raises, barbell rows, single arm db rows. in between bicep sets i held the 25# plate and did standing side crunches, total of 60 reps each side. in between tricep sets i did jumping jacks. in between chest press i did bench tucks total of 60 reps. in between rows i did reverse crunches total of 60 reps.

m4. 100 calories worth of almonds, 1 apple, some shrimp

m5. salmon w/ capers & ff cream cheese, 2/3 a bag of steamfresh carrots, broccoli, carrots and snap peas.

1 gallon of water


then. i made white chocolate cheesecake cups. cause tomorrow is national white chocolate cheesecake day and i made them for work. well. so i had a few licks of the filling. and then when they were done there was a little leftover filling and so maybe i ate that, it was probably 1/3 of a cup. so there is my confession, i should do some pushups or burpees to make up for it, eh?

pressing on to tomorrow! good night!

2-Step Sautéed Chicken & Sweet Peppers

i haven't tried this, i saw it online today. looks good!

Makes: 4 servings
Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 20 minutes


Vegetable cooking spray
4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts halves (about 1 pound)
1 pkg. (about 14 ounces) frozen mixed pepper strips
1 carton (18.3 ounces) Campbell's® V8® Sweet Red Pepper Soup


Spray a 10-inch skillet with the cooking spray and heat over medium-high heat for 1 minute. Add the chicken and cook for 10 minutes or until it's well browned on both sides.

Stir the peppers and soup in the skillet and heat to a boil. Reduce the heat to low. Cover and cook until the chicken is cooked through and the peppers are tender.

Nutrition Info

Calories 212, Total Fat 4g, Saturated Fat 1g, Cholesterol 69mg, Sodium 391mg, Total Carbohydrate 16g, Dietary Fiber 4g, Protein 27g

That is the nutritional info without the rice in the picture. If you do add rice to the dinner, make sure it is only about 1/4 cup cooked since the recipe already has 16 carbs.

accountability: wednesday 3/4/09

i am feeling so good, back into the swing of things. how are you all today?

m1. protein oatmeal

m2. v8 tomato soup (1 cup) with 3 trader joe's turkey meatballs, suuuper good. 2 stalks of celery.

hiit on treadmill maxed @ 8.5 and 3.0 incline. 20 min.

m3. apple, huge salad with spinach romaine peppers and albacore tuna with balsamic vinegar

4 calcium chews

m4. protein shake

i have not been fitting all my meals in, because i have not been eating first thing in the morning and i am trying not to eat past 8pm from now on. but the important thing is i have not been hungry, so i think that is good.

i had probably 3 liters of water yesterday, and i remembered to take my CLA. woohoo!

UBWO later today, getting stoked! good job on the weights andrea!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BLT's: They Are More Harmful Than You Think!!

hi everyone. in my accountability post below, i mentioned the BLT's. no, not the sandwiches with bacon lettuce and tomato.. rather, the Bites, Licks and Tastes we have throughout the day.. usually mindless, usually unintentional, and usually dismissed with the excuse "it is just a little taste".

i have been guilty of waaaay too many BLT's lately. like.. way guilty. so while i would love to type a long drawn out article on BLT's, i just don't have the time here at work. BUT i did do some research on the internet and found some writings that i found very relevant to the topic and i will share them here with you.

the first reading i took from this link: BLT's - Bites, Licks and Tastes – They’re not Free!

please read!

Do you count your BLT's? And no, I’m not talking about bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. BLT’s are bites, licks and tastes that we all seem to partake in now and then and yet, somehow, we either don’t think they count or believe they don’t count that much.

In reality, BLT’s can add hundreds, even thousands of calories, throughout the day and week. Over the course of time, it not only explains why we’re not losing the weight we feel we should, but it can actually cause us to gain those unwanted pounds.

As a child, my mother had a rule that taught fairness. Whether it was my turn or my sister’s turn, one of us was given the duty of cutting the last piece of cake or splitting a sandwich in half. Following this, the bystander had the privilege of being the first to choose the half they wanted. Trust me, every effort was made to divide it into equal portions.

I wonder why, when we start measuring for ourselves, that we tend to make the cut a little to the right of center, keeping the largest piece for our self but somehow think it is a fair division. Don’t we realize that the only one we’re truly fibbing to is our self?

It’s not like we can’t see the results of these choices or that they don’t catch up to us. Do you suppose it has anything to do with our reluctance to step on the scale, to hide from the camera or walk quickly past the full-length mirror?

OK … so it’s time to be truthful! Let’s do this together and, in friendship and support, help each other be honest about BLT’s and make a plan to change our behavior.

Here are a couple of little sayings that might help you remember to count your BLT’s.

If it crosses your lips, it can end up on your hips!

If you bite it, write it!

The tools needed for success in overcoming BLT’s are simple … a journal (paper, electronic or notebook), a pen/pencil, measuring cups and spoons.

I’m a big advocate of journaling because it helps us record the BLT’s, learn about their true caloric values and assists us in making a conscious choice as to whether to grab a few M&M’s from the candy jar, a few potato chips or pretzels, eat a few bites you’re your children’s plates or eat the corner of the brownie from the plate in the lunchroom. In essence, it allows us to be responsible for every bite that crosses our lips.

When I started my quest for a healthier lifestyle, I faithfully wrote down everything. I was astounded at what I learned and realized there was a very good reason I weighed 330 lbs. I’ll share a few of my eye openers with you.

Coffee Creamer

Before – I poured coffee creamer into my coffee on the “guess” method and, in hindsight, I was using approximately 125-150 calories with each cup and I was drinking several a day.

After – I now use 1 TBSP of either liquid or powdered creamer for approximately 35 calories.

Results – Based on 3 cups of coffee, 270 to 345 calories are saved per day, which is the equivalent of 2 ½ pounds per month.

Dipping in the Candy Jar

Before – I used to grab M&M’s out of the candy jar at work. Mind you, I wouldn’t do this only once, but two or three times. Somehow my brain thought that since I was dividing it up into smaller “dipping” cycles, it wouldn’t add up to eating a lot of them! Well, the truth is, I actually ate at least ½ cup and that corresponds to 420 calories.

After – With my newfound knowledge, I usually stayed clear of the M&M’s and made better choices, like one piece of hard candy for 20 calories or some sugar free mints I kept handy in my purse at 15 calories for 2 chocolate covered mints. On those times I did elect to have M&M’s, I held myself to 1/8 cup for 105 calories.

Results – New learned behavior that saved me 300-400 calories an occurrence.

Salad Dressing

Before – This was another one of those items that I half-knowingly did not measure. It’s because I did not want my salad to taste like I was having less; I didn’t want to sacrifice flavor. Why I didn’t think it would count is beyond me. In hindsight, I was using dressing containing 73 calories a TBSP and I used plenty, approximately 500-700 calories worth.

After – I located Paul Neuman’s Light salad dressings for 40-80 calories for 2 TBSP and I now only use 2 TBSP.

Useful Tip – If you place your salad in a large 44 oz convenience cup, add carrots, mushrooms, green peppers or other similar garnishments, then add the 2 TBSP of dressing, place the lid on the cup and shake, shake, shake … Voila … everything is covered with dressing!

Results – Knowledge, creativity and a savings of an amazing 460-660 calories per salad. At three times a week, that calculates to a little over a ½ pound a week and a whopping 29 pounds a year!

Here are a few other items to watch out for …

Licking your fingers, the beater or the bowl while baking
Multiple tastes of the food you are preparing for dinner
Bites from the plates of family/friends
Just a few chips or pretzels

Helpful Hints to Avoid BLT Temptations

Rinse your hands and wipe them on a towel to remove food and resist the temptation to taste.

Pour water into a baking dish and promptly insert the spoon and beaters.

Scrape plates from dinner immediately into the garbage.

Enlist your spouse or children to taste what you are cooking to see if the seasoning is correct.

Try chewing gum or carrot sticks while cooking.

There is a huge price to pay for BLT’s. So … before you follow in my path and arrive at 330 lbs … get your “mitts” out of there!!! Would much rather watch you harness the BLT’s, cheer you on to success and meet you for a shopping trip. Then we can change our old BLT’s (Bites, Licks and Tastes) for new BLT’s (Buy Lots Together) as we celebrate your success in a smaller size!!!

(end article)

what an eye opener, eh? also another good technique i have been using is brushing my teeth a LOT.. because i never want to eat after brushing my teeth.

another little story was pulled from the Tracker Website on a thread someone posted. it is what the registered dietitian Joy Bauer suggested on the Today Show:

LIFE Secret No. 1: Eliminate extras
Linda used to be a major snackaholic and nibbler. I explained to her that "picking" on tiny amounts of food throughout the day may not seem like such a big deal, but it's amazing how quickly those calories compound. In fact, I once had a client who claimed to be eating everything I instructed her to eat, yet the scale wouldn't budge. On a mission to figure out what was going wrong, I asked her to carry around a plastic bag for two days. Each
Linda lost 146 pounds.

time she reached for a nibble of her daughter's fries, her son's cookie or her dinner stew, she was to place it in the bag instead of her mouth. After two days she brought the bursting bag to my office. Mystery solved! In 48 hours she would have mindlessly munched 1,000 additional calories if they hadn't ended up in the bag. Lesson learned: Every bite counts."

WOW.. so that is a real eye opener as well!

please take these articles into consideration the next time you reach for a little bite, lick, or taste of something. it could be the reason you are not making any progress at all!


accountability: tuesday 3/3/09


m1 protein oatmeal

m2 edamame, 3 turkey meatballs from trader joe's, 1/3 cup low fat cottage cheese.

m3 chocolate protein powder, soy milk, ice shake. 1/2 cup low sugar trader joe's cereal. PLUS a handful of kashi go lean and a handful of oatmeal squares cereal. more on that at the end of this post.

warm up 10 min on bike
bulgarian split squats reps 12, 10, 8, 6, 12
barbell squats, 12 reps w/ 12 second hold
deadlifts reps 12, 10, 8, 6, 12
reverse crunches between sets, total of 100
ham curl machine 12 reps
standing weighted calf raises reps 12, 10, 8, 6, 12
single leg calf raises, 12 reps each leg
glute machine, 3 sets 10 reps on each leg
walking lunges w/ 10# plate, 3 sets of 28
stability ball ham curls, 3 sets of 25
single leg kickbacks, 3 sets of 10 reps each leg
ball crunches, 3 sets of 50
lying butt bridges, 2 sets of 25
cooldown 10 min on bike

..i think i covered it all?

m4. 1 egg, 1 egg white, 2 oz green chile chicken shredded, a sprinkle of low fat mozz cheese, salsa..scrambled. 1 cup cantelope, honeydew and grapes.

3 calcium chews

1 gallon of water! woohoo!

that is all the time i had as far as meals went because i wasn't awake long enough to fit more in! ha! oh well.

i am concentrating REALLY hard on not having any BLT's. no no, not bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwiches... BITES, LICKS and TASTES. you will see on my meal 3 i had a couple slipups, with the cereal. it was either that or the cookies sitting on my counter, so i think opting fr the cereal was better than a cookie, BUT those carbs and calories still add up from the cereal. i think that has been my problem lately, too many "just a bite" here or "just a taste" there. it doesn't seem like i am cheating because it is just the tiniest bit of something, but it all adds up and can sabotage me in the end. i will post more on BLT's later today.

time to work, how did you do yesterday? mom? suni? ree? braithwaites? others lurking?


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

accountability: monday 3/2/09

as promised, here i am putting it down in writing. this WILL keep me accountable, this WILL help me not cheat at all this week :)

m1. 2 eggs scrambled with spinach, 1/2 cup mixed fruit (bananas, blueberries, boysenberries, strawberries), coffee

m2. plain non fat greek yogurt, 1/2 cup cheerios with soy milk

m3. 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1/2 frozen banana, 4 oz soy milk, 3 cubes ice

HIIT on elliptical, 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of moderate cardio on elliptical.
ab work:
2 sets of 50 weighed (10# plate) crunches on decline bench
2 sets of 25 (one rep is one time on each side) of weighted (10# plate) oblique twists on decline bench
2 sets of 25 (one rep is one time on each side) of standing plated weight crunches w/ 25# plate
2 sets of 25 bench/leg tuck crunches
1 set of 50 ball crunches

totaling 300 ab reps.

m4. 1 serving of EFL turkey meatloaf, 7 stalks of asparagus

m5. 2 baked chicken tenders, marinara sauce. 3 calcium chews (chocolate sugar free chews found at costco-a calcium supplement)

probably only had about 2.5 liters of water, i need to work on getting that gallon in.

also, i need to go back to taking my CLA and multivitamin. i need to remember to grab those from home before coming to work.

feels good to be back at it full force. i slept for 10 hours last night though.. yawn.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Set Yourself Free

There is no outside force holding you back. You are holding you back and you are blaming it on someone or something else. The way you are able to continue holding yourself back is by maintaining the illusion that you're a victim. Once you release that illusion, you will naturally and easily move forward.

In fact, it is easier to fulfill your best possibilities than it is to avoid them. So let go of the blame and watch the limitations drop away.

Certainly there will always be challenges, and yet it is not the challenges that hold you back. For each challenge provides you with a pathway through which you can move toward fulfillment.

It is your very nature to accomplish. Lovingly accept your destiny, and allow that accomplishment to be manifest through you.

Set yourself free to follow your purpose. Set yourself free to truly live.

-- Ralph Marston

oh, here i am.

hi all you body for life loving blog readers.. if there are any of you still out there, that is :)

so, i went on a month-long hiatus. first i had food poisoning then the laptop broke then i got bronchitis then i got a sinus infection and then i had the laptop back but then the internet at my house was disconnected and then i got the stomach flu and then i went to california and all the while i could not blog at work because i was working in the front office.


WELL, i am back. no internet at the house yet, but i am up at my desk, home from california, and am happy to say i am healthy as can be.

needless to say, my body for life challenge has suffered. i have not been horrible with my eating, but as far as the exercise goes.. well i probably only worked out half as much as i should have. i am not making excuses, i didn't do the exercise and i was not extremely strict with my eating like i should have been and in turn my results have suffered.

but you know what? i am not giving up, i am not a quitter. and i hope you are not either. i am not sure what is going on with each and every one of you, i have talked with a few of you and i know we are all having "life" thrown at us full speed ahead. but let us roll with the punches and take control of our situations.. because if i can do it, you can do it too!

so it is back on the wagon today. i am not sure what day we are on, what week we are on, i have no idea. what i do know is i am back in it 110% today and i will be blogging my accountability again and i hope you will participate. i will be exercising my little heart out and planning my meals perfectly and i will blog as much as humanly possible about anything and everything that i think will help us along the way.

please leave a comment, let me know how you are, and that you are still plugging along!