Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hi, hello, how are you?

hello people out there in blog land. i hate the word blog. really, it is awful. it sounds so gross.

ANYWAY, that is not really here nor there. you are reading this because you have interest in changing yourself for the better! good job! pat your back! can't reach your back? not flexible enough? too much extra weight holding you back from patting your own back? give yourself 12 weeks, that will all change. you will be patting your back with ease in no time, and with good reason!

so, i have not made a real set plan about how i am going to do this little body for life page i just created.. so bare (or is it bear?) with me while i ramble along, i tend to do a lot of that.

i made this page for a couple reasons. one, for me. selfish, right? i have become a huge fan of body for life, nutrition, and fitness.. and well, i need a place to write it all down. second reason: for other people to read. so yeah, for you! lucky, you ranked in at the second reason! ;) naw, honestly, that is probably the main reason i decided to start this up. a lot of people have asked me lots of questions or for advice. i think if it is all written down in one place, and people ask their questions here, then what i reply with will be a lot more useful if more people read it. also, i know when i find recipes, work outs, and other tips online i am stoked. so i hope you are stoked too.

briefly, i will tell you what is up. my fantastic mom, sue, and i did a BFL by the book challenge on aug 25-nov 16. loved every minute of it. sure, it is hard work, but we had amazing results (more about that later) sooo, we are starting another challenge on january 5th. 12 weeks, hardcore, no cheats, 100% by the book. i welcome you to do the challenge with us, the more people doing it...the more fun it is!

i have so much to say regarding body for life, my experiences i have had, what i have learned, what i plan to do..etc etc, but really do not have the time to ramble right now. i had to get this blog up and running though.. so in the meantime this is your assignment, should you decide to take on this challenge:

1. READ the body for life book. the one by bill phillips. the original. not the body for life for women. not the body for life champions book. not the eating for life book. just the plain and simple body for life book.

2. think about your plan. i know sometimes we want to be told what to do, that it is easiest just to follow someone else's plan.. but since this plan is for LIFE, not for 12 weeks, it MUST be something you can live with. after reading the book, start pondering what your goals are and how you are going to reach them.

in the meantime, i will work on lots of things i have planned for this page. also, my mom will be adding her two cents every so often, so get excited for that, she has lots of wise knowledge!

so what are you waiting for? go get the book and start reading! and check back here soon!